Mahir Duman / Visual Artist

produces audio visuals, videos, short films, music clips, mixing and synchronizing with sound and the rhythm of action.
creates unrealistic,surreal, interactive, visuals to change the human perception as visuals with sound, to make the sound and light visible.

Video Art
Visual 3D Mapping
Visual Installation
Live Camera – Projection Installation

# Artistic Statement #
reality, surrealism, subjective, illusion, emotion sharing, relationship, openness, wish to tell something, wish to feel together, interaction, aiming the pleasure in the process of production and of the medium being used, wish to be known, wish to change something, wish to stand against the system, focusing on the different perception of reality, subjective, personal war, difference between personal perceptions and the perceptions of people, freedom and a fiery atmosphere, habitat, art, questionings, necessity principle and art, art as a beautiful world, call for help, realising the situation in the world, forgetting oneself, wish to escape and disconnect from reality, wish to fly, wish to die from overdose, fears and paranoias, mind games and openness, meditation, sharing, communism, openness. love, enjoy, love, rhythm and harmony in the same feeling, openness of perceptions, dance and movement, non-stop movement, from time to time hide and seeks..

# About Video #
discovering, showing, being the displayed one, relating and dancing, removing the borders, reinterpreting relationships, dialectic, interaction, wish to reveal new and now, catching the rhythm, catching the wave, swimming, wish to be the wave, combining sound and video on a personal perception.

# Installation & Performances #

“Models ” Live Visual Performance, Wilde Möhre Festival, Berlin, Deutschland
“Zeit Lupe” Live Visual Performance, Krake Art Exhibition Festival, Berlin, Deutschland
3D Visual Mapping Show, 7VJ Installation, Urban Spree, Berlin, Deutschland
Dogs Bollocks Visual Installation, Urban Spree, Berlin, Deutschland
“Mirage” Visual Installation. Unicat Gallery, Berlin, Deutschland
Video Performance, Six Vision Klub & Teknoid Synergie, Berlin, Deutschland
“NYE” Live Visual Performance, Urban Spree, Berlin, Deutschland

Video Installation, Sushi& Kebap, Urban Spree, Berlin, Deutschland
“Horror Show” Video Installation, Babylon Kino, Berlin, Deutschland
“Technology ” Live Visual Performance Brain Theft – Album Release, Berlin, Deutschland
“LunaPark” Live Visual Performance , Satisfactory Factory, Berlin, Deutschland
“Birth Of Light ” Video Installation, Rumrudern Auststellung, Freudenreich, Berlin, Deutschland
“Gangster” Live Visual Performance, Ghetto Anarchie, YAAM, Berlin, Deutschland
“Artist Talk” Scope Session artist talk & Media Salon, Berlin, Deutschland
“Vibroid” Live Visual Performance. Bang Bang Club, Berlin, Deutschland
Visual Installation, Berlin Cinema Summer Festival, Berlin, Deutschland
“Memory” International Mail Art, Richmond Art Gallerie. Vancouver, Vanada
“Circles” Video Installation, Laftus Hall, Berlin, Deutschland
“The Things” Visual Mapping, Group Exposition Guerilla Gallery, Berlin, Deutschland
3D Visual Mapping Show, Bassfuck Vol. 1-2, M.I.K.Z, Berlin, Deutschland
“Eyes” 3D Visual installation, Kontakt1 Group Exhibition, Glasshaus Arena, Berlin, Deutschland
Live Visual Performance, Zuklima Art Galery, Berlin, Deutschland

“Duman – Smoke” A film project, British Short Film Festival Selection, Berlin, Deutschland
Video Mixed Live Performance, 48 Studenten Neuköln 15th Art and Cultur Festival, Berlin

“Flight to Heaven”, Video Installation, Galerie Wedding, Berlin, Deutschland
“B7”, Video and Mapping Installation, 7th berlin Bieannale For Contemprary Art, Berlin, Deutschland
“Curiosity Channel ” A film Project Das 48 Hour Film Project, Berlin, Deutschland
“Rainbow”, Video Mixed Installation, 48 Studenten Neuköln 14th Art and Cultur Festival, Berlin,
Kitchen Beat and Princible of Gravity Videos Installation, Selection, Berlin Deutschland
“The Sauhaufen” Theater Performance, Hoftheater, Berlin, Deutschland
“Body Percussion” Theater Performance, Unterm Dach Theater, Berlin, Deutschland

“Navigation Darkness” Video Installation, Tape Modern Berlin, Deutschland
“Lost In Way A Film” Project, International KinoKabaret Berlin,Deutschland
“It Dosent Mother” A film Project Das 48 Hour Film Project, Berlin, Deutschland
“Visibility Project 6”, A visual Project, Open Social Institutation, Istanbul, Turkey
“Transport-Z” Video Installation, Alan-İstanbul Art Gallery , Istanbul, Turkey
“Düsüs” Video Installation, Futuristika Magazine, Istanbul, Turkey

Theater Performance, Creative Street Festival, The Meeting of the Cultures, Istanbul, Turkey
MindFest FireShow Video Projection , Mind Manifest Project, Izmir, Turkey
Ihbar and Ganesa Satranc Oynarken Photography, Futuristika Magazine, Istanbul, Turkey

“Hackleyin” Graphic Exhibition, KargaArt Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
[illegal_cinema] Project, Depo Art, Istanbul, Turkey